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Maxtreme Sports was born from a love of extreme sports and staying healthy.  From early on, the founders of Maxtreme were avid extreme sports fans and participants.  Growing up with a skate park in the back yard and parents that encouraged mountain skiing, snowboarding and motocross, there was no way that we wouldn’t be actively involved in these sports.  

Knowing that top notch physical health starts with proper nutrition, and that taking a bunch of pills each day is not what we love to do, we decided to streamline the process by  offering the best of both worlds:  Great tasting nutrition that you can drink.



Prepare your body for cold and flu season and maintain your health all year round with Maxtreme Prevent. 

The ultimate in immune boosting and great for pandemics!  
No one enjoys taking pills or capsules and no one enjoys pandemics or getting sick.  
We have formulated a special, great tasting immune boosting product that you can drink!  All organic ingredients, no sugar, no extraneous unneeded fillers – only the things that you need.
Drink your way to immune health.  Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Quercetin.  
These four powerful ingredients together may prove helpful during these troubling times. They work together to give a strong boost to your body’s natural ability to find off sickness.
Flavored with great tasting monk fruit and natural lime flavor. 
Put one scoop in a bottle of water, give it a good shake and drink it down.  
Consult your physician before starting on any nutrition program.

MaXtreme Quench

Replenish important nutrients that get lost during exercise with Quench

After or during an intense day at the skate park, on the slopes or whatever sport you are into, Maxtreme Quench is a must. 
Physical exertion can cause muscle cramping, brain fog, weakness, headache and clammy skin among other things.  
Drinking water can help to hydrate, but it won’t replenish the lost minerals and salts that are lost during exercise or while in the heat.  
Enter Maxtreme Quench.  Quench is the ultimate thirst quencher and essential salt and mineral replenisher also known as electrolytes.
What are electrolytes? Electrolytes are the minerals that keep your heart pumping, your respiratory system working and your body functioning at peak performance levels. 
Because your body gets depleted of these essential minerals during physical exertion, athletes especially need to keep their electrolyte levels up.
Formulated by a sports medicine expert with over 40 years of experience advising and treating world-class athletes, MaXtreme QUENCH is intended to replace mineral electrolytes that are lost during athletic play, training and competition.
Mixing this formula in 12-16 ounces of water may help lessen the effects of slight to moderate dehydration associated with a hot environment and/or physical exertion.
Most sports drinks contain large amounts of sugar and carbs which may give a quick boost of energy, but give a huge let down later.  
For that reason, all Maxtreme products are totally sugar and carb free to help you maintain the ultimate in peak performance.
Made of all organic ingredients, no sugar, Non-GMO, made in the USA Maxtreme Quench is great tasting too!
Recommended use is before exercise/sports/other strenuous activity then during or after the activity.
8-16 years old can use one scoop once or twice per day.
17 years and over can use one scoop 2-4 times per day.
Consult your physician before starting on any nutrition program.

MaXtreme Relax

Chillax with Relax! Calcium and Magnesium are two vital minerals your body needs to function properly.

Maxtreme Relax the ultimate in muscle relaxation.  Specially formulated for after a hard day on the slopes, in the skate park or whatever sport you are doing.  Maxtreme Relax is the perfect night time drink to relax your muscles and help you sleep so you can hit it hard the next day. 
Calcium and magnesium are necessary nutrients for the maintenance of healthy nerves, muscles, bones, teeth and overall body function.  
When the body gets depleted of these vital nutrients by stress, vigorous exercise, drugs, alcohol, sugar and non-nutritive food, MaXtreme Relax is the perfect antidote.  MaXtreme Relax replenishes the body of these vital nutrients quickly and helps the body relax while nourishing the nerves.
Deficiencies is either calcium or magnesium can cause depression, pain, heart problems, (even heart attacks), insomnia, lack of energy, pain, cramps, tension, insomnia, PMS, colic, nervousness, diabetes, seizures, anxiety and many other symptoms.  Calcium contracts muscles, while magnesium relaxes them.  That is how the heart works so efficiently – alternate contraction and relaxation.  That is how the muscles in the body work properly.
To absorb calcium properly it should be in combination with magnesium at a 2:1 ratio along with an acid such as vitamin C to create the proper Ph balance.
Relax is very fast acting and super absorbable to help your body restore itself while you sleep.
Correctly prepared, the minerals combine in such a way so as to be super-absorbable while being great tasting!
Our satisfied customers tell us they have improved sleep, more relaxed muscles, lessened anxiety, improved regularity and many other benefits.*
Direction: Place one scoop into an 8 oz. glass.  Fill halfway with boiling water and stir as it fizzes until clear.  Top off with chilled or hot water.
As it is difficult to overdose on Calcium and Magnesium, you can drink as many glasses as you wish daily. If you have muscle cramps, or pain increase the dosage.  This product is also a natural stool softener, some people experience loose bowels.  The remedy for this is simply to cut back the dosage until it is tolerable.
Mixing suggestion: Add Ice for a soothing iced drink.
Consult your physician before starting on any nutrition program.
Maxtreme Prevent – Great for Pandemics, Flu and Cold Season and year-round Immune Boosting. Maxtreme Prevent gets your body in great shape to stave off even the toughest bugs.  *Results may vary. This is not medical advice. Consult your physician before embarking on any nutritional program.
All of the Maxtreme products can be mixed with water or your favorite juice and they taste great!
Put a scoop in water bottle, shake well and ready to drink!*  
*Except Maxtreme Relax – read easy mixing instructions
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DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article is meant to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any medical condition. This information is not a substitution for medical care provided by a licensed medical doctor.  It is solely for educational purposes.